OpenX introduction

App development and OpenX introduction

What is OpenX

Regarding OpenX ad server there is three type of the product. OpenX Source is an open-source advertising server that is licenced under the GNU General Public License.It features an integrated banner management interface and tracking system for gathering statictics. OpenX OnRamp is a hosting type of OpenX Source which has almost the same. The highest difference in technical aspect between theses packages is that third vender’s Plug-ins are available with OpenX Source. And OpenX Enterprise has a totally different interface with others. OpenX Solutins which is a proprietary of these ad server products offers the SDK for OpenX Enterpirise which enables a banner delivery inside iPhone apps and Android. You can download SDKs from following page; .
To overview OpenX market which is the ad marketplace integrated with OpenX ad servers take a look at this Youtube video below.

“How to deliver banners in iPhone apps from OpenX OnRamp / OpenX Source”

To deliver banners by using OpenX OnRump or OpenX Source our BST Library is needed to implement in your iPhone app.Currently you can download and experience the apps implemented with BST library as follows.

“BST Library” is a only solution so that you can delivery banners from OpenX OnRamp and OpenX Source although there is SDK for OpenX Enterprise offered by OpenX Solutions.


About BST Library license

To apply for utilising this unique BST Library you can send us a message via this inquiry form. If you are not yet familiar with OpenX ad server we can give you a demo account to review demo stats in OpenX console page when you inquire.

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We,Senden Jaws Inc. are a marketing company located in Osaka,Japan which introduce and manage OpenX Source.  We also develop iPhone apps and Web services.If you are interested in our capability please feel free to contact us.

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